Portrait/Lighting and Photoshop Workshop

Instructors: Christopher Balmer & Jon Leask

Wanting to learn how to take great portraits? This class is designed to help you learn how to do just that. This class is a three part class: Classroom, Model Shoot and Photoshop workflow. In these three parts you will learn:

Classroom and Model Shoot

  • what settings to use on your camera for different situations
  • different types of lighting
  • what to wear and what not to wear
  • pricing tips
  • Posing and posing lingo
  • taking what we learned in the classroom and putting it to work
  • using the different types of lighting
  • working on posing


Photoshop Workflow*

  • download images after a shoot
  • editing photos

*This is not a beginner Photoshop course. Please take either the Beginner Photoshop Class or Beginner Photoshop Elements prior to this class OR have a basic knowledge of either of these programs including the tools, palettes and menu and option bars. $75.00 for the Portrait Class (This price does not include the model shoot or the Photoshop Class)

To Be Announced