Perfect Light is like having your own professor close by to answer your questions, plus, provide you with the best gear at the best price. Just go there already. You will have a great experience.
– Dan Hillam

Great service. You guys have helped me figure out lens for me as we’ll choosing a great camera!

C Boren

Great information all around! Where to get great shots as well as how to set it up as well as the camera

B Pearson

What is not to like? The support is great, great classes and instruction, top equipment and competitive prices, as well as beautiful pictures to enjoy that Chris posts. Saving up for one of the trips!

C Chandler

I love the atmosphere of the store; displays, customer service, etc. Kudos to all who work there. You can instantly tell how much they love their “jobs”.

A Waldron

being new to the area and asking” where do I go to get started in photography” and every one I asked said the same thing” Perfect Light Camera” and going to Perfect light workshops to get started and having Christopher for support and encouragement.

C Bevis

I really enjoy your personalized, knowledgeable service and can do attitude :)

V Judy

I love that you guys will just chat about photography when your out and about. I enjoy the helpful nature of all there.

P FitzSimon