I have been on two African trips with Christopher… You need to experience this adventure at least once in your life. Now is the time.
-Craig Tinkham, 2014 & 2015 African Photo Safari participant, 2014

Taking the class from Chris easily proves to be the difference of having an expensive camera that sits to taking quality professional photos. I highly recommend his class to learn about the incredible tool that your camera can be.
-Rob & Collette Belnap

Perfect Light is like having your own professor close by to answer your questions plus provide you with the best gear at the best price. Just go there already. You will have a great experience.
-Dan Hillam

Christopher Balmer and Perfect Light Camera. If you are thinking about a photo adventure workshop or just a great way to travel I would highly recommend PAW. I love to travel and coming home with great photography is a bonus. Getting up close to nature is something you never forget. Experiencing it on photography tour is the only way to experience it!
-Sherri Lim

Thank you Chris for opening my whole photography world tonight! You taught me more in two and a half hours than anyone or anything I’ve read in the last 3 years!!! AMAZING!!! So excited for more classes in the future!

Simply the best photography classes on the planet!
-Kristie S.

The best time I’ve ever had!
-Alice Artime, Africa Photo Safari participant

I earned my degree in photography after 4 years in college. I just learned more in 6 hours with Christopher than I did in those 4 years. Thank you thank you!!!
-Janet R.