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Perfect Light Camera is a full service camera store featuring the very best brands in the industry. We are a factory direct dealer for all of the products we carry and have the same warranties, same equipment and same prices as all of the big online authorized dealers. We do not sell any gray market products and never will. Perfect Light camera has taught over 6,000 students in just six years. We have built a reputation as offering the very best photography education available anywhere. We believe that the very best way to become a better photographer is not online or in a book…The most efficient and cost effective way to learn is to have “Hands on” instruction. We will teach you more in six hours than you will learn in six years of reading books or studying online.
The Nature seminars that we offer in Yellowstone, Africa, Alaska, The Amazon, Iceland and Scotland simply cannot be matched. We do not just take you there and say shoot this or this. We offer both classroom time and “in the field” hands on instruction while keeping a very low student to instructor ratios. As far as Yellowstone, (Christopher has an unmatched 47 years of experience in Yellowstone) unlike many photography seminars offered in Yellowstone park, we are fully insured and licensed through an outfitter to offer and teach these seminars in the park. All of our nature seminars include your lodging, private coaches and one on one instruction from our team for one low price. (International trips also include airfare)
Invest in yourself and come join us to become a better photographer either in our store location or one of the best outdoor classrooms in the world. You will never regret your investment in yourself and your photography.

Christopher Balmer is an internationally recognized and award winning nature photographer and photography instructor. He has sold his “Fine art” nature photography prints around the world and close to home. He also is part owner in a successful portrait and commercial photography studio.
Based out of his photography store in Idaho Falls, Idaho he has taught over 5,000 students over the last five years. His students have traveled from 17 different countries to attend his courses in Idaho Falls, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and also for his international photography workshops to Africa, Amazon, Alaska, Iceland, Scotland, Yellowstone and many more locations each year.
His ability, patience and easy to understand methods to teach the basics to the highest advanced photography techniques are unsurpassed and have made him well known in the international photography education community. He has several years of extensive experience and knowledge to help you in all forms of photography including Wildlife, Landscape, Macro, Portrait, Flash, Wedding, Commercial and stock photography.
Christopher has always had the philosophy to teach students how to shoot the photo correctly in the camera and not rely on Photoshop and other editing programs.

Note:He is also available for limited one on one training throughout the year. (Please contact the store for more information)

His excitement and passion for photography and teaching are very contagious!! He can and will help you become a better photographer than you ever thought possible.

He will teach you more in six hours than you will learn in six years online!! Ken W.
Simply the best classes on the planet!! Kristie S.
Best photo education anywhere Jennifer H.
Christopher is simply amazing as a photography teacher, Trust me, Take his classes! Carolyn R.
He teaches in a way so anyone can understand. Michael S.

You can see some of Chris’s work here: Flickr

Susannah Reed – Instructor/Photographer

Ever since Susannah was a little girl and got her first camera for Christmas when she was five, she has had a love for photography. Susannah studied photography at Boise State University and the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts Paros, Greece. She has been working in the photography field for the past 6 years and loves every minute of it. She is very excited to be joining the team at Perfect light to teach others what she loves. Prior to joing the team at Perfect Light, Susannah worked at Alyce Clegg Photography.

Susannah teaches our Portrait/Lighting, Wedding, Senior Photography and some Photoshop courses.

Bio, Leland Howard

Extraordinary photographic images are never taken. They are composed with film or a light sensor as the canvas and light as the brush. Leland Howard 1-30-04

For a true artist, the tools of the trade become an extension of the self. For photographers, this is especially true. Anyone can pick up a camera, but mastery of cameras and of that ineffable “eye” that marks a body of work as uniquely individual—that mastery takes time. Leland Howard has devoted more than 30 years to his art as a nature photographer. Though the mechanics of photography are now second nature to him, seeing the image he wants to capture is a process that transcends words and is, in a sense, new every time. This freshness of approach is evident in the range of moods his photos evoke, and in the evolving sensibility of this artist from Idaho.
Leland Howard has an exceptionally detailed knowledge of the rough and tumble territory of America’s “wild west.” Areas that can only be accessed by hiking, backpacking and cross-country skiing are part of the challenge and part of the reward. The patience to wait out a storm, the diligence it takes to explore access routes that aren’t on the map—these traits are just part of the toolbox for Howard. He takes them for granted, we revel in the results.
Howard’s many credits include diverse publications such as The National Geographic Society, Hallmark, AT&T, Sierra Press, Warner Bros. MGM, Global Health and Equity, Browntrout, Audubon, Healthy Planet, PhotoGraphic, Beautiful America Publications, Angel Graphics, Portal Publications, Outside, Blue Sky Publishing, Reiman Publications, Smith Western, Sierra Club, Great Mountain West, Western Image, Westcliffe Publishers, Northwest Publications and hundreds more.

Published books, photos by Leland Howard, text by Lynna Howard:
Montana and Idaho’s Continental Divide Trail: The Official Guide (Westcliffe Publishers, CO),
Along Montana & Idaho’s Continental Divide Trail (Westcliffe Publishers, CO)
Utah’s Wilderness Areas: The Complete Guide (Westcliffe Publishers, CO)
Backcountry Roads, Idaho (Caxton Press, Idaho)

Published books, photos by Leland Howard:
Idaho, Wild and Beautiful (FarCountry Press, Helena, MT)
Idaho Impressions (FarCountry Press, Helena, MT)
East Montana (FarCountry Press)

HI, I’M MIKE. I learned a long time ago not to take myself too seriously, this simple morsel of knowledge has helped me out of some sticky situations; we’ll save those stories for when we become better acquainted. I love talking to people; this as you might has already deduced can be both a curse and a blessing…curious fact. My love for photography goes back to the old Kodak 110 instamatic days; what a marvel, it opened my eyes to the wonder of the photograph. From that point on my thirst for the perfect image lead me down the shadowy alleyways of 35mm film, sure at first it all started out quite innocent enough, it was a couple of rolls of 100asa here and 200asa there, before I knew what hit me I was sneaking 1000 speed film whenever I had the chance, I will bare this shame till my last breath, and at that point in time you can bet I’ll have my camera on a tripod with a remote in my hand, dying to catch my last breath. Now, sadly, I stand before you a weak and broken man, forced to work for camera gear, carelessly spending my children’s inheritance for the next fastest lens.
I love Photography, if I were to open a studio I would specialize in Head Shots; I love trying to find the essence of each person, an image that makes friends and colleges say “Wow that’s you!” But in all honesty I love working with people too, helping someone understand how their camera works and seeing those AH-HA moments gives me the same thrill as 1000 speed film!

How can I help you?


What other Students have to say about us…

“I loved the beginning photography class! I walked into the class intimidated by a new camera. After the second night, I walked out with confidence. Chris helped me understand not only what the camera could do, but the reasoning behind its many options. I am no longer afraid to experiment with camera settings. I can now look at a potential shot and know what to adjust to get the kind of picture I want. I also left the class with a great new respect for the art of photography. I had no idea of the training and skill and talentinvolved. I have found an awesome new hobby. Thanks Chris!” Lynn

“I took the beginning/intermediate DSLR photography class. It was wonderful. I have taken 2 different sets of 6 week night classes at a college. I learned more in one day from Chris than in both of them. I learned so much about taking care of my camera, aperture priority, how the exposure triangle works, about white balance, metering, using flash, and composition, he is very skilled both in teaching and photography and very patient with questions that were asked. I have been into the store several times since with questions and he is very helpful each time. I look forward to taking more classes. Thank you Chris!” Pam

“I took a class at a store here in town to only find out the instructor had less than 6 months experience in photography. When you are ready to really learn your camera, go to Christopher�s class. I learned more in one hour at his class than in the other entire class. They are fantastic about helping you after the class as well. I bought my Nikon flash from them after shopping the internet. Not only did they beat the price, they taught me how to use it properly. They�re service is impeccable!! Local service is well worth paying the sales tax.” Laurie


DA –
Highly recommended, reputable and probably the best customer service you will find anywhere in SE Idaho. Chris and Tyson are the best!

Jennifer –
Christopher Balmer’s Store is the best. He is the person to answer all your Photography Questions. Great classes, products, and service. Love this store!!!!!

LeAnn –
Love this store and all who work there! Best customer service ever dealing with cameras and photography sup pies.

Katie –
Just finished an excellent class at Perfect Light. I can’t believe how much I learned in two nights. Thanks!

Dan –
If you are within 37 hours driving distance, do yourself a favor and stop in at Perfect Light. I’m not saying that ALL your wildest dreams will come true, but close.